At Knitting Bird Shop, we value our customers and want to offer them exclusive benefits  their continued support. Joining our Membership Program allows you to enjoy a range of perks tailored specifically for yarn enthusiasts. Here are the details of our membership program:


Membership Benefits:

Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy special discounts on select yarns, knitting accessories, and other products throughout the year.

Early Access to Sales: Be the first to know about upcoming sales, promotions, and new product launches, with early access to shop and grab your favorite items.

Member-Only Events: Participate in member-exclusive events, workshops, or knitting circles, where you can connect with fellow yarn enthusiasts, learn new techniques, and share your passion.

Personalized Recommendations: Receive personalized product recommendations based on your preferences and knitting interests.

Newsletter Subscription: Stay up to date with the latest knitting trends, project ideas, and expert tips through our exclusive members' newsletter.


How to Join:

Visit our website or stop by our physical store to sign up for the Membership Program.

Provide your contact information, including your name, email address, and any other details required for enrollment.


Program Updates and Communication:

As a member, you will receive regular updates and communications regarding exclusive offers, upcoming events, and new products via email or our members' newsletter.

Thank you for choosing Knitting Bird Shop. We appreciate your support!


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