Sport Yarn Weight 2
Himalaya Aloha Yarn Where It Can Be Used: Blouse, cardigan, bag, vest, dress etc...
Sport Yarn Weight 2

Unleash Your Creative Potential with Luxurious Himalayan Bikini Yarns - Craft Stunning Creations with Unmatched Quality and Style!"
With Himalaya Bikini Yarns, you can knit colorful and bright bikinis, pareoes, dresses and beach dresses for summer. Thanks to the material it contains, you can design interesting and successful summer projects.

Where It Can Be Used: Bikini, swimsuit, pareo, dress, shorts, blouse etc...
Get the best yarns used specifically for crochet bikinis and crochet swimsuits. They are stretchable and will not sag.

Himalaya Dolphin Baby Color Where It Can Be Used: Men's and women's cardigans, sweaters, shawls, blankets, children's cardigans, children's blankets, home textiles, scarves, berets, etc.
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