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Gazzal Kid Mohair is a blend of mohair and acrylic fibers. Mohair comes from the Angora goat and is known for its softness, sheen, and lightweight properties. The addition of acrylic provides durability and helps maintain the yarn's shape. Kid Mohair is well-regarded for its incredible softness, making it a joy to work with and wear.

Lace Yarn Weight 0

Thanks to the raw material used in Knit Me Carnaval yarn, you can achieve the brightness and vitality you want in your projects. At the same time, it does not deform in long-term use, allowing your project to stay as it was on the first day even after years. With more than 92 colors, it helps you to produce creative products in the tones you want.
You can safely choose the Knit Me Carnaval product, where you can create unlimited projects in decorative and accessory fields.

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